New partner HIC: De Groof accountants en adviseurs

Written by: Dries Steinmeijer

Together with our partners, we are building a health care innovation campus with international appeal. We are proud that De Groof accountants and advisors is also our partner.

De Groof explains: SMEs are the right address at De Groof. We offer you a full service package at reasonable rates. With De Groof, you can bring in an accountant and advisor who has more than sufficient expertise, also in the broad sense, to be of full service to you.

Through a wide range of disciplines under one roof, we can not only take care of accounting, financial statements and tax returns, but we can also offer extensive financial advice and guidance.

How smart do you want to do business?

The answer to this question is yours. And we at De Groof are happy to help you. Because smart entrepreneurship is also closely linked to making choices based on reliable figures and clear analyses. And for that you are at the right address with us, whether it concerns administration, accountancy, taxation or human resources, for small to medium-sized enterprises.

As accountants and advisors, we support and assist you in carrying out your administration and reporting on the past. This forms the basis for us to advise you about the future. We think proactively with you about matters that concern you and developments that affect your business operations. We think along with you so you can deal with opportunities and possibilities in a smart way!

We have a broad experience with innovative start-up entrepreneurs. We have also built up special knowledge of the medical sector. For these reasons, a partnership with Incubator Health Innovation Campus is a logical confirmation of the existing relationships. We are very happy to meet the participants without any obligation.