MMC Incubator

On the campus of Máxima MC, in the heart of Brainport, a number of start-ups are located in the MMC Incubator. An open workspace for entrepreneurs who not only want to be part of the MMC Innoveert network, but also want to physically nestle in an international community focused on high-tech and innovation.

In direct contact with the (medical) experts of the MMC, users of the MMC Incubator can count on support for the start and further development of their business. For example at:

  • The (further) development of the concept
  • testing innovations within a living lab
  • the preparation of a business plan
  • organisation of funding
  • marketing and communication
  • preconditions such as patent applications, trademark law and privacy

An extensive network of experts, directly or indirectly connected to the hospital, supports the users of the MMC Incubator in all these matters as advisor, sparring partner, coach or service provider. In addition, the MMC Incubator offers a large number of practical advantages:

  • own office units
  • workstations (flex or fixed)
  • controlled 24/7 access
  • ample parking
  • good accessibility by public transport
  • innovation and inspiration sessions for entrepreneurs and innovators
  • facilities for your own events, lunches, drinks, etc.
  • access to MMC Innovates network

Currently, the following care-related start-ups, organizations and companies are located in the MMC Incubator:

Run your business close to the care practice of top Clinical Hospital Máxima MC.

Bambi Medical

Bambi Medical is currently developing the Bambi-Belt. The Bambi-Belt is an alternative to the conventional method for monitoring (breathing, heart rate and ECG) of premature babies. This solution offers the advantage that the adhesive electrodes that cause pain and stress are no longer necessary.

Nemo Healthcare

Nemo Healthcare develops innovative technology for pregnancy monitoring in a hospital environment. Nemo Healthcare's PUREtrace™ technology uses the most direct measure of contraction activity - the electrical activity of the uterine muscle - for fetal monitoring, both before and during delivery. Nemo is currently working on a new application of this technology that will make it possible to record the vital heart activity of both the mother and the unborn child in addition to the contraction activity.

Nemo Healthcare is a spin-off company created from the collaboration between the Eindhoven University of Technology and Máxima MC. The (further) development of the PUREtrace™ technology underlines the importance of collaboration between university, hospital and industry in application-oriented research.

Eindhoven MedTech Innovation Center (e/MTIC)

Within the research programme of e/MTIC - a collaboration between Philips, Eindhoven University of Technology, Máxima MC (MMC), Catharina Hospital and Kempenhaege - a regional, highly innovative ecosystem has been created. In this context, there are several ongoing projects within MMC that focus on improving the quality of perinatal care for both mother and child. An important point of attention here is the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).

Acknowledge Health Innovation

Acknowledge Health Innovation is convinced that the quality of care is enhanced by realising and embedding meaningful technological innovations. Cooperation between patients, informal carers, care providers and institutions in healthcare is essential. Successful care innovation arises from the connection between the worlds of care and technology, we show the way, offer help in directing and organizing innovation. We realize innovation as a service. We like to work together with market leaders in technology and driven experts.

Acknowledge Health Innovation is a joint initiative of Acknowledge, a full service ICT service provider/system integrator from Waalre and Nicolette Verduin, doctor of preventive healthcare, with broad experience in programme management and care computerisation.

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Many patients face the same questions and uncertainties. On the internet, unreliable information can often be found and it is also often difficult to find exactly the right information. Ereva has developed a safe and anonymous link between the hospital system and a personal information page specifically for the patient. On this website participants can compare the most frequently asked questions with patients with exactly the same condition in the past.

MK- The Subsidy Community

MK - The Subsidy Community helps entrepreneurs to finance their innovative project(s). With the LifeScience & Health sector, which falls within one of our expertise areas in the field of technology grants, we are proud to be a partner of the Partners MMC Innoveert. We want the project to run with as little financial risk as possible for the entrepreneurs. Our consultants know how to connect entrepreneurs from regional to large European subsidy schemes. Are you curious and would you like to explore your subsidy possibilities? You can do this simply by registering via: our website or contact us at to discuss the possibilities.