Workshop IP and Law at Health innovation Campus

Written by: Cees van Arendonk

This workshop is the first of a series of workshops / lectures organized by Health Innovation Campus i.s.m with its partners. The fact that there is much to be said in this particular field has been shown last night. Therefore, a follow-up will be given to this workshop. Topics that were raised were: What can EHVLinc and The Netherlands Patent Office mean to starters.
In addition, content: From the Dutch Patent Office: IP, what do you need to keep in mind, Trade Mark, Domain Names, How to Register,

How to Check if they exist, Copyright, Copyright, International Patent Protection, Attention, Cost EHVLinc discussed the General Data Protection Directive (GDPD), many starters have to make mat data in many forms. They thus have to deal with the new GDPD scheme.

In short, an interesting / educational workshop with as a final result that exchanged knowledge / experiences and agreements were made for subsequent consultations.