New resident MMC Incubator: Black Box

Written by: Cees van Arendonk

In the MMC Incubator, a number of companies have been established, which, in cooperation with the hospital and specialists in Máxima Medical Center, further develop their product. Ereva has now also been in the incubator.

Simulation in healthcare is well common for decades. The innovation of Black Box takes simulation to a higher level. With the use of augmented reality there will be a virtual layer over the normally unchangeable look of the simulated patient and its real-life environment. The colour, mimic and sound of the patient will change accordingly to the situation. The experience of the user will be more realistic than ever, interaction will have an important role from the beginning to the end. The user is now able to see what’s happening, with this innovation there will finally be the opportunity to practice their ‘clinical eye’.