TiiM 2018 – Care to create opportunities

Written by: Myrthe van der Ven

The annual Technical Innovations will take place on 29 March 2018 at the Medicine Conference, organised by the Dutch Association of Technical Medicine.

Technology and medicine have been inextricably linked for years. Medicine makes grateful use of increasingly modern techniques to offer the best treatment to the individual patient. Increasingly often, innovations are emerging whose medical added value and possibilities are unclear. Technological progress often goes faster than traditional evidence-based medicine. This creates a playing field between medicine and technique, research and education, legislation and regulations, and the involvement of patients in their own care process. The aim of the TiiM Conference is to bring these subjects and all professionals involved together; this is the moment when technical physicians, innovators and doctors come into contact with the industry and decision makers in healthcare. The latest developments and the current state of affairs are highlighted and discussed. All this from a medical-technical point of view.

This edition of the TiiM Conference features in the theme Care to Create Opportunities. There are numerous possibilities for improving patient care. What ideas and technologies are under development and how do you create opportunities to implement these innovations in healthcare? How can you bring these innovations to the market? Is the market open to innovation? Are we innovating to innovate or to improve individual patient care? We will discuss these questions at the TiiM Conference. Together, we need to ensure that innovations are applied in the right way to benefit the patient.

More information about the programme, the speakers and enrollment can be obtained via tiim-conference. nl.