New partner: Joanknecht

Written by: Dries Steinmeijer

Together with our partners, we are building a health care innovation campus with international appeal. We are proud that Joanknecht is also our partner.


Our promise: we make the entrepreneur and his company better at every stage of life and entrepreneurial life. We do this with high-quality knowledge, an independent view and a multidisciplinary view of the financial and tax practice of the entrepreneur and company.

We know your company through and through and add continuous value with sharp analyses, surprising insights and practical advice. This contributes to the success of your company and of you.

Online Business Coaching

Joanknecht is a leader in the development of online services that give entrepreneurs more opportunities. More clarity, more insight and therefore more control - at fixed costs. The organisation is designed for modern financial services using modern and online automation solutions.

Personal coach

Joanknecht is best compared to a personal coach. Someone who knows exactly the health of your organisation, knows what the qualities are and what is more difficult. Someone who keeps an eye on that. He sees the big line, and the challenges of every day. Someone with whom, based on your current financial well-being, you can set goals and work on better health, more flexibility, more resilience and more opportunities.

Active collaboration

In order to stay nourished in relevant developments, we do not stay behind our desk but maintain active relationships with our partners, suppliers and customers. Where we can, we combine our efforts to innovate together.

Collaboration Health Innovation Campus

Joanknecht sees challenges in the collaboration with Health Innovation Campus, we embrace innovative ideas and are willing to support start-ups in their further development. We already have a partnership with Nemo Healthcare BV, one of the parties based on the Health Innovation Campus.