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Written by: Rabobank
van: Dries Steinmeijer

Do you have a sustainable innovation in the field of Vital Communities & Care, Innovations for vitality, liveability and good care?

  • Innovations and innovations:
  • Promote vitality and liveability.
  • Stimulate initiatives in which people work together or work together for the common good.

innovations that guarantee economical and sensible care for now and in the future.

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Imagine..... as an entrepreneur, you do not only contribute to the growth of your company. You are also working on a social issue and a better world. With the Rabo Duurzame Innovatieprijs, formerly the Herman Wijffels Innovation Prize, Rabobank encourages entrepreneurs to contribute to innovative solutions that really matter. The springboard to success.

Make your innovation a success

Win a cash sum of € 20,000 for the further development of your innovation.

For one year, Rabobank provides intensive support with a warm introduction to our network or a business coaching process.

Entrepreneurs can register until 15 December, both customers and non-clients can register. The prize is awarded in three categories. Read all about it on the Rabobank website