Rabobank launches Teckle growth and innovation desk

Written by: Edwin Block - Rabobank Eindhoven Veldhoven

On Wednesday 1 November, Rabobank Eindhoven-Veldhoven and six other local Rabobanks will launch the renewed Teckle innovation service proposition for entrepreneurs. The service has grown in eight years from a young dog to a professional growth and innovation desk. The introduction will be kicked off with a national campaign.

Teckle is not entirely new', says Edwin Blok - from Enck, Advisor Marketing & Communication at Rabobank Eindhoven-Veldhoven and fellow cartelt-freezer of this project. In 2009, the concept was already introduced and many companies took advantage of it. With more specialist innovation advice as a full-fledged sparring partner, we are now focusing on growth and the long term, not just on putting the innovation itself on the market.

Access to knowledge, capital and networks

The Rabo Growth and Innovation Desk helps startups, scale-ups and fast-growers to take the step to the next level. On the one hand, it does so by making knowledge available itself, but also by bringing entrepreneurs into contact with the bank's extensive network. Entrepreneurs, for example, will continue to do things that they don't have the knowledge, people or resources to do themselves. That is also in our DNA,' continues Blok - by Enck his story. From our history, we work closely together with our customers, members and networks, we know how to connect people and share our knowledge. Always with the goal of making our customers stronger.

Universities as a breeding ground

Teckle is offered from seven locations all over the Netherlands and it is expected that more will follow soon. Michel Ziekman, project leader Innovation & Design at Rabobank Eindhoven-Veldhoven, says:' With Teckle, we offer a service for innovative entrepreneurs aimed at growth in all facets of the company. Teckle is mainly used in this context by Rabobanks that have a university and/or development campus in the operating area. These banks receive a lot of questions from innovative entrepreneurs, and with Teckle, knowledge and technology come together in a strengthening way.

National introduction campaign

Teckle's relaunch will be kicked off with a national campaign on 1 November. The theme is testimonials from four entrepreneurs who have already used the services of the growth and innovation desk in the past. In order to emphasize the breadth of Teckle, we have deliberately chosen entrepreneurs from different parts of the country, each of whom is in a different phase of growth and is active in a variety of industries,' says Blok - van Enck. For the Eindhoven - Veldhoven region, these are start-ups Team FAST and Mega-Inliner®. Team Fast is active in the development of a sustainable formic acid-based energy carrier. And startup Mega-Inliner® has developed a high-tech sustainable solution that eliminates the need to rinse and clean tank containers.

For more information, please visit www.teckle.nl.